Podcast marketing and applications

Podcasts represent the new and dynamic communications channel which is being used by marketing professionals to communicate company strategy, product and service news internally and externally to customers and clients. In a world where fast track personal communication is the preferred media Podcasts are a valuable communication tool. Podcasts can be produced quickly, cost effectively and distributed globally at the touch of a button. By utilising any type of MP3 player including mobile phones or a computer as a delivery vehicle.

Podcasts are also portable so they can be listened to in the office, at home or while travelling by plane, train or car. Further more, because users subscribe to a Podcast, second and subsequent editions will automatically delivered to the user.

Branding and IP
The name of your Podcast is yet another opportunity to reinforce and protect your brand. By submitting your Podcast to itunes, Zencast and other leading Podcast directories, the Podcast name is secured meaning that interested parties can easily find and download your Podcast content.
Links to the Podcast are also placed within your own company website helping drive traffic to your site which in turn enhances the website’s visibility within leading search engines.

Internal communications
The importance of good internal communications us recognised by all international multi location companies. Synergy of message is important both for the communication of company strategy and sales tactics. A Podcast allows the Board and senior management team to communicate personally with employees in a way theta captures the enthusiasm of you message that can never be achieved through the written word and which would be too expensive to convey by video.

Customer relations
Providing your customer with choice, by how they receive information from your company, is as important as your company's product or service. The utilisation of Podcasts reflects promotes a company innovative and leading edge. Podcasts provide an important differentiator and allow your sales message to be communicated in a highly personalised and effective manner.

Media relations
Podcasts are editor friendly. After all, Podcasts were “invented” by the media in order to syndicate news. Podcasts can be used to brief editors regarding company developments in a way that brings news to life ensuring that your news information has greater visibility and credibility with editors of your choice. Editors and analysts subscribe and regularly listen to Podcasts to keep fully briefed as to the developments in specific market sectors.

Podcasts are the ideal training medium as the information is portable when used with an MP3 player allowing staff training to take place at a venue and time to suit employee or end customer. Video Podcasts or our PPT casts can further enhance the learning experience and provide an easy way to review and store training information.